U10s – Away at the Greenies – April 10

OA U10s enjoyed a very warm morning’s festival of rugby at Slough on Sunday as the season draws to a close. A motivated squad joined some 588 other players at the “Home of the Greenies” for their annual mini festival. On one of the finest days of the year so far – although clearly not rugby weather – we played some hard fought matches with some great results, team and individual performances.

In the spirit of our host’s intentions OAs had a mixed team of players combining those newer to rugby, some less seasoned festival goers, and a couple of more experienced heads. The team played 5 matches and were highly competitive in 4. No one from the pool got close to the single more ‘experienced’ team on show. So played 4, won 2, lost 2.

It was the last game of the day, which the team lost 6-4 that actually produced the best rugby of the day.

5-2 down at half time in the last game could have spelt trouble but the team regrouped and reenergised and showed that great OA spirit to win the second half 2-1 against a technically astute and physically stronger team. Well done !

A big thanks to our hosts and to our coaches on the day.